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The stock images that can currently be downloaded represent a 'superset' of around 2,500 of my best images taken from the incalculable number of exposures that I have made over a lifetime of nature, travel and landscape photography. This number will slowly increase with time, but if you think I may have an unscanned slide or image file that is not yet online, please email me with your enquiry.   

The principle I've adhered to in selecting my 'superset' is to ignore mediocrity and provide only the very best compositionally perfect files that are colour corrected and ready for use without any further post production work being necessary. Files for download are Adobe RGB (1998), 300ppi JPEGs sized for typical A4 reproduction depending on the aspect ratio used.  Making a purchase is simple; buy securely online using the latest in e-commerce technology. The same files can also be made available as TIFFs or can be supplied as larger files for even bigger reproduction (depends on method of capture). These may be available via FTP or more likely on CD depending upon size requirements.

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Ordering prints:

All the images available as stock are also available as prints for your office or home wall, or as gifts for family and friends. You can order prints, posters, and cards online directly by going to my Artflakes page, and rights managed digital files through the stock sales link of this site. You can also order bespoke prints that are of extraordinarily high quality derived from a large format transparency or large camera sensor, and which print up 'huge', should you require this for your home or business. To avail yourself of this bespoke service contact me directly via email letting me know which image from my stock image pages you would like as a print. I will then let you know the maximum size and what the cost would be. When you buy one of my bespoke prints, you are buying an original piece of art that will last a very long time. A lot of thought goes into the process of creating these images, and I'm constantly assessing different ways of outputting images. When you hang one of my large prints, you will be bringing a precious part of our natural world into your home an experience I hope you will enjoy for many years to come.

The bespoke Lambda output Kodak Endura Colour Metallic prints that I sell have been produced from digitally mastered images using fibreoptic-LED technology exposing directly onto continuous tone photographic silver halide material. The prints represent the ultimate in fidelity, colour, clarity and tonal range available on any photographic paper. They are true pieces of art finished off with a black border and silver signature. Bespoke prints are produced in Australia and can be shipped anywhere. Prices depend on dimensions and quantity - email me for a quotation. Please note this service is distinct from products sold via my Artflakes page. 

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Phra That Luang, Vientiane, Laos Mark Lucock